In-Person Interviews

We conduct hundreds of hours of in-person interviews with consumers, audiences and fans, in order to:
> identify possible ‘shifts’ OR emerging attitudes, preferences and behaviors to track
> identify new or developing factors and conditions impacting behaviors and attitudes
> better understand the “why” behind behaviors and attitudes to develop more “in-tune” survey questions

      Media Analysis and Semiotics

      We review and analyze hundreds of hours of media content across multiple platforms, in order to:
      > discover and track themes and trends developing across different content, platforms and devices
      > better understand and organize the values and themes that audiences may not always consciously be aware of, but which they may potentially be responding [or reacting] to

        Online Surveys

        We synthesize responses from tens of thousands of survey respondents across the US in order to:
        > test new hypothesis
        > track the attitudes and preferences of dozens of segments
        > correlate attitude and preferences with additional personality details
        > establish more context for understanding consumer decision-making